1)      Are these the same web 2.0 links SEO experts say you should obtain?

Yes, there are currently over 100 websites in the database. You will receive new ones each month depending on your plan.

2)      I have 50 webpages and 50 keywords I want to use. Can your system handle this?

Yes, enter in the dashboard section your urls and keywords and we’ll take care of the rest.

3)      Do you spin the articles to make them unique?

Yes, in order to keep pricing extremely low the articles are well-written and then spun at the sentence level by an expert English writer, yielding 100% unique articles. Your anchor text backlinks will be wrapped around relevant content.

3)      Will I get login password details to these web 2.0 sites?

Yes. While you don’t have to do anything, we give login details each month along with report in case you want to edit or add to your sites in the future.

5)      What if my posts get deleted?

We have posts from years ago, but it does happen. As long as you are a member you will receive free replacements. We will monitor your campaign before sending the report to ensure every link is still live.

6)      Sounds Awesome! Where Do I signup?

On the homepage. Simply choose the plan that best fits your needs/ambition and follow the steps. Thank you!